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Big Water: Below Mio

[Mio, MI. May 6, 2001]

I suffer piscination,
obsessing for trout,
wearing Polarized glasses,
alternating colors to
match the sky and my moods,
to plumb the creeks
traveled at double-nickel.

On rivers, I seek what pass
for explanations,
understanding, why-fors and what-suches.

Floating past The Meadows we are
a few miles into the float,
only one half-assed flash at a streamer
to show for six hours of effort.

Comes a sound, close but far
off beyond the cedars to the south.
Bear, God offers?
Owl on the prowl, says the guide.
I say, tired of a fish-and-berry diet, I’m thinking
carnivorous space cow devouring a bear.

Biologists and realists reject this
As flawed logic and worse science,
But  let us remember,
experts pifflicated
Galileo’s view of the universe
for six centuries.

I am not swayed by science
inadequate for the moment.
all the big trout seem gone from
these nutritious waters,
a liquid smorgasbord. 

I demand explanation.
and a space cow makes as much sense
as barometric pressure plummets
or a fish god’s  petty vengeance.

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