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Crow's Nest
[Portage, December 22,  2010]

Crow’s nest, signage declares
Upstairs, above Westnedge  traffic
Service so slow calendars
Suffice, the weighter a twenty
First cent Fatty Arbuckle
Clone, with frontal hair top knot,
Gold rings dangle from both ear lobes
Black apron tied low-rider style
Below his arse, over plaid shorts.
Curtains over windows the color
Of severely smudged brick,
Here in Upper Yupdomville,
A threesome of Peace Corps vets
Recounting their days in darkest
AF-ree-ka, over tofu breakie
At nine bucks a pop, the woman declares
They might’ve stayed up to five years
But she was always sick, her words.
Other fast-breakers surround us
Mainly of the Inca-chooker
And Earth-shoe set, soles the shape
of fur harvesters’ skinning knives,
palavering far behind us.
Peacecorpsgirl adds, “No computer,
No internet, dude it was primitive,
Like totally?" Across the street
Neon blinks cigarettes and cold drinks
Beside the Crazy Monkey Tattooery,
The girl beside me has black fingernails,
Did I mention  s   l   o   w  service
But a Boffo Breakie Burrito?
Dudes, let us give thanks for zany.

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