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Summer Weekend in America
[Portage, August 15, 2009]

Garage sale weekend, streets packed tightly
Hurly-burly, helter-skelter with greed
(Or macro anxiety – scales may vary)
For bargains among castoffs, the unused
Detritus of suburban collectors
(Ronbo’s Treacle-Down on naked display)
The shrinking middle class feeding the poor
Junque lacking clear aesthetic attributes
Yet clutched to breast with snicker-snack glee
By wannabe acquisitors of loot
Amounting only to cheap aging fare
For their own garage sales (in the future),
Driven by the need for liquible cash,
Socioeconomic freefalling
On display this ninety degree day
Few rich mingle in such crowds when sun’s out
And tee times at the the country club beckons
In lauded land of poor growing poorer,
Rich becoming richer (with market bumps),
Leaving the Middle Class breathing foul air
As they follow dinosaurs to dust,
This country, once described so aptly
As a nation of never-never
Built on lines of don’t evens.
Yet armies of immigrants legally
(and otherwise) continue toward us,
Suggesting how bad it must be elsewhere,
A trajectory defined by some
As a very severe recession,
Which in fact seems a flat-spin death-spiral.

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