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About Joe
Taxi Dancer

Taxi Dancer

Vietnam was a strange and violent time. Society opposed the war and inside the military there were conflicts between young an old. Taxi Dancer examines the differences between management and leadership in the Air Force in those traumatic and deadly days.

Copyright © 1985 Joe T Heywood
Berkley Books
Published in the US and in UK-Australia-New Zealand.

The Berkut

The Berkut

Did Hitler die in April 1945? If so, why a year later did the Russians bring all the survivors of the Fuhrer bunker in Berlin back to Berlin to reenact their final moments and movements? Makes one wonder. Joe Stalin was obsessed with Hitler, and we can guess that such obsession would lead him to send Vasily Petrov and the Special Operations Group to ruthlessly investigate what happened as the thousand-year Reich went up in flames. Hitler caused the death of more than 20 millian Russians. Stalin wanted revenge.

Copyright © 1987 Joseph Heywood
Random House
Published in the US and separately in English in the UK, and also the languages of: Brazil, France, Greece, Italy, Japan, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, and Sweden.

The Domino Conspiracy

The Domino Conspiracy

Nikita Khruschev is credited with being the first Russian leader to begin opening up with the west. But first he nearly took us to the brink of nuclear war in Cuba. When John F. Kennedy was elected president, Khruschev, then at the height of his powers, said he wanted to look into the young president's eyes and see what was in his guts. The meeting took place in Vienna in 1961, and there might have been more agendas in the works than have previously been noted - perhaps trouble brewing between Muslims and other groups in Yugoslavia and Albania? Khruschev and his KGB smelled something in the wind and Vasily Petrov is pulled from retirement to reconstitute his group to make sure that Khrushchev and the American President are free to have their discussions.

Copyright © 1992 Joseph Heywood
Random House

The Snowfly

The Snowfly

What if there was a giant insect that hatched only every 7-10 years and only once ever on a particular river? And what if when this hatch took place, giant fish, unknown and of a size and age totally  unsuspected by fish biologists would rise from the depths to feed and make themselves vulnerable? A young boy hears a legend and it remains with him the rest of his life, leading him to discover the price of obsession and to find what is really important in life. Grady Service and Luticious Treebone of the Woods Cop Mysteries appear for the first time in this story.

Copyright © 2000 Joseph Heywood
Lyons Press

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