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Working with the DNR
South of Crystal Falls, Iron County, November 15, 2006. COs Jason Wicklund (l) and Dave Painter (r) pose with 3 year old gray wolf illegally shot the day before. This photo was taken when we went to retrieve the animal for the evidence locker and immediately after getting a confession from the shooter.
CO Matt Eberly and I were patrolling Keeweenaw County in 2006 during the firearm deer season and when we reached Lost Lake, (a DNR-designated trout lake you won't find accidentally) we found these patterns in the ice. Technically they are probably called dendrites in ice and the black part is actually clear ice. Naturally we came up with a new name for the phenomenon, which I think works better. Ice Spiders
CO Jeff Ginn of Ionia County found this river sturgeon during one of his patrols. Glad it didn't latch onto one of my flies....
In the summer of 2006 CO Pat MacManus was patrolling the Allegan Game area and heard some shooting. Curious about what might be going on, he stopped and found four boys, 16-14-14-13, with all of these weapons and 3,000 rounds of ammo. They had skipped school for the day to do a little shooting. The boys were all cooperative. The AK-47 had been bought off the street in Grand Rapids for $400, which one of the boys had gotten for Chrismas. All the parents were called and came to fetch their young men, and one might say they were NOT happy with the boys.
This is the gray wolf as we discovered her in Iron County about 8:30 A.M., 16 November, 2005
Conservation officers take wolf shootings seriously. Here the illegally killed animal has been loaded into a body bag for transport to the DNR evidence locker. These are the parts of the job most civilians never see.
Your eyes aren't deceiving you. This camp in northeast iron county has its exterior covered with old license plates. The camp is a landmark. CO Dave Painter is talking to one of the hunters from the camp
Deer season 2004, CO (now Sergeant) Steve Burton and I "took a little walk." This permanent blind is in Dickinson County, built of logs and tucked out in the bush. Steve is kneeling to talk to the hunter inside. After a lot of evasions and lies, the man confessed to shooting a seven-point buck without a license. We ended up going to the camp and confiscating the deer. Major Steve Burton of the Michigan National Guard is now in Iraq with his combat engineer outfit, clearing routes in Baghdad. You might want to throw a prayer his way once in awhile.
CO Kellie Nightlinger of Mackinac County took me on a patrol in 2006. Since I dragged along all day, I think she decided I needed help. The Fountain of Youth is in western Chippewa County near Seewhy, between Hulbert and Eckerman. It didn't do any good.
Wish I could say this was my fish, but 1) it's dead and I don't kill big brown trout, and 2) it's not mine. CO Dave Painter took this photo on opening day a few years back. The angler got this fish from Cook's Run in Iron County -- as close to a spring creek as we have in Michigan. I think it was in the neighborhood of 24 inches.
CO Paul Higashi of Kalamazoo County loves to check ice fishermen. He also seems to always park on the far side of the lake, which is where he's pointing in this photo. The fishermen asked, "Where'd you guys come from?"
Okay, not everyone is overjoyed to see a CO. These folks are part of the Rainbow people who descended on a remote part of Gogebic County over July 4, 2002. If you're smiling does this qualify as a friendly finger?
Yo, Pig, nice horsey.
This is the kind of road conservation officers love to patrol. In this case, CO Steve Burton had gotten himself stuck. Not the first time, either. It took a bulldozer to free him.
There are a lot of people who believe we have a self-sustaining population of cougars in Michigan, yet noone has every come forward with convincing evidence. It's also been said that the Wolverine State has never had a population of wolverines. A few years back this one showed up over in the thumb and within days it was confirmed and photos flying all over. Authorities speculate this animal came across the border on a logging truck, but nobody really knows. Still waiting on similar cougar stuff.
Sunset, opening day of elk season in Otsego County, on patrol with CO Nick Torsky
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