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Taking One For the Team. Delta County. 2006. 24 x 36 in, acrylic on canvas. Oh Dark Thirty, Easter Morning, 2004, CO Steve Burton and I were patrolling for illegal spearing on Wilsey Bay Creek at the bottom of the Stonington Peninsula. The creek was swollen with winter runoff. Somehow, in going after the three spearers, I bounced off the tree in the center of the painting, and got propelled throught he culvert and about 75 yards downstream toward Lake Michigan before I managed to crawl out. In the process I broke all my front teeth, and I was cold. All I can tell you is that if you fall into 37 degreee water in 37 degree sleet, you'd better have woolen foundations. Neither of us had ever been to the area before. The next morning I got up and drove back there to try to figure out how it had happened. I did five more days of patrols after this eventful night. For awhile the COs were calling me Splash and having a great laugh. As it turns out, I'm not the only one to have made the through-the-culvert journey.

 On display at
 Singing Dog Art Gallery

318 Newberry Ave/M-123
Newberry, MI 49868
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