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Okay, it's not a great photo, but we weren't a great team either. Hard to believe that in a few years there will have been 50 years of men's lacrosse at Michigan State, part of the time as a varsity sport, part of the time as a club. Those were great days with great men wearing green and white and bashing everything that moved.
Meet Shanahan, my main walking and hiking companion. Guess who LOVES snow...
One of the most interesting times to walk and hike visually is right after a good ice storm. These berries are less than 300 yards from my house in Portage. I thought they'd make the basis for some paintings.
Pal and river guide Joe Guild joined Lonnie and me on the Paint River in the summer of 2007. As far as we know, Joe's 24-foot-long, hand-made Au Sable river boat is the first ever on the Paint, and perhaps in the U.P. The locals were not at all sure it WAS a boat.
U-Tapao, Thailand during the Vietnam war. My crew, left to right: John "Bear" Popular, Mike "Goose" Vairo (of St. Ignace), moi, and Tom "Big Bopper /Zorro " Davey, our aircraft commander. Them was sure interesting times.
The Peterson Brothers, Bob (l) and Dave (r). In my writings I sometimes talk about Bob who we all know as Robochef. Actually I invited them over for dinner and they showed up in their waders. Swedes....
It took me a half dozen years to finally land my first steelhead. My son Troy landed a half dozen his first time out. Go figure.
Confession here: I have capsized or rolled every canoe I have ever been in, in every kind of water. On this occasion, Robochef Peterson and I were on a two-day float down the Eleven Point River in southern Missouri with our friends from the St. Louis Fishheads. Leaving shore after a stop, we rolled and immediately began to shout and swear at each other, which greatly amused the Missouri boys. (But dammit, this time it was HIS fault!)
Read the tape. This is the size brown trout you can catch at night during the hexagenia limbata (michigan mayfly) hatch.
18 1/2 inch smallmouth on a Chicago leech pattern from the Paint River, summer of 2007. In 2006 I caught a 22-incher, which is a huge river smallie.
I love photos of fish coming into the net. I just haven't figured out how to paint such scenes.
Paint River Falls Dam right in Crystal Falls. This little powerhouse produces a substantial portion of the city's power needs. Beautiful spot and smallies stack up below the raceways. Casting with a streamer and a flyrod is not easy in this spot, but there are rewards if you do it correctly.
A young buck crossing the Paint River, south of Amasa. See, I told you the wolves haven't eaten all the deer!
My long-time friend, fishing pal,and former hockey teammate trying to figure out what that stuff is coming out of this king (Chinook) salmon he caught in the Muskegon River above Newaygo. He's Canuck. He'll figure it out. This fish was about 14-15 pounds and released to finish spawning, die and feed others with its carcass.
Horserace Rapids on the Paint River, south of Crystal Falls. Believe it or not, there are smallmouth in this gorgeous pocket water, and in summer people "body surf" the rapids, on their backs.
Ah, the gentlest of takes, East Branch of the Fence River in northeast Iron County.
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